12″ Corvette Rotor/Fiero Caliper Brake Kit


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The West Coast Fiero 12″ Corvette Rotor/Fiero Caliper Brake Kit is a comprehensive upgrade for your braking system. This kit includes 50 mm calipers, which are identical to those used on the stock 1988 Fiero. The design of these stock calipers is such that they can easily accommodate the 12-inch rotor, ensuring that the brake pad maintains full contact with the rotor surface for optimal braking performance.

While the stock brake lines are compatible with this upgrade, we recommend the use of steel-braided brake lines. These offer a superior brake pedal feel, enhancing your control over the vehicle’s braking.

When undertaking this installation, we strongly advise the use of new brake pads. This ensures that you can take full advantage of the improved braking performance offered by this kit.

The kit also includes custom Fiero front adapters. These adapters connect the 1988 Fiero calipers to the existing Fiero suspension. We provide new hardware for mounting these adapters. With our Fiero adapters, there is no need to modify the caliper, making the installation process straightforward and quick. In fact, the total installation time is approximately 10 minutes.

The kit also comes with re-machined front Vet rotors and concentricity rings. The concentricity rings are necessary for mounting the new Vet rotors on your Fiero. These rotors have been re-drilled to accommodate a 5/100 bolt pattern. We chose these rotors because they are readily available for future replacement, should the need arise.

Please note that this brake kit is not compatible with the 15-inch stock wheels. You will need 16-inch or larger wheels for clearance with this larger brake installation. These new front brakes provide significantly more braking power to the front of the vehicle. As a result, we recommend disabling the rear proportioning valve. This allows more brake pressure to be applied to the rear brake system, balancing the increased stopping power of the new 12-inch front brakes. This ensures a balanced, effective braking system for your vehicle.


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