West Coast Fiero

Rear Coil Over Kit sold in pair




For better handing and high performance driving.

Adjust ride-height.  Enables raising or lowering your Fiero by up to 2 inches without compromising ride quality.

This Kit is a MUST when installing wider and taller tires on your Fiero. Large tires can interfere with the Spring Perch on the shocks. 
(With this Kit you can cut part of Spring Perch off to accommodate larger tires.)  Tire sizes such as 245/40/17 and larger may interfere with the Spring Perch.

This kit fits over your stock, replacement type shocks, (Koni, KYB, Monroe, ect.).  Shock absorbers are not included with the kit.  

Most other spring kits available do not retain the seating at the top of the spring in position when raising the rear of the car.  The West Coast Fiero Kit retains the spring in the upper spring perch.

In the customer installed view at top, Spring Perch is not cut due to tire size being only 235.

The spring stays in alignment as the suspension is dropped to full extension, making it unnecessary to align spring when putting the car back on the ground, as do other brands.

Springs shown at left are springs used prior to WCF having their own custom Springs manufactured.  

WCF Springs are available in a variety of spring rates, from Stock Rates of 200 pounds to a very aggressive 400 pounds per inch to satisfy customer personal requirements.

Coil-over Kit.

This high quality coil-over system will increase the performance and handling of your Fiero.

Spring height is 8 inch.
Available spring rates:
     from 200 to 400 pounds per inch.

Spring rate definition:
   For every inch of spring compression, the spring pressure increases by the
   specified rate, i.e. 1 inch = 300 pounds, 2" = 600 pounds for the 300 pound
   rated spring.

We suggest 350 pounds as a aggressive spring rate for street use.

This spring is an excellent choice for 3800 Supercharged and like engines.
This kit is MUST for Fieros with engine swaps.

Stock Spring rates can found on our
drop spring page.

Installation instructions with pictures provided with kit.
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