1″ Front — 3/4″ Inch Rear Drop Springs


The West Coast Fiero (WCF) 1″ Front — 3/4″ Inch Rear Drop Springs are custom-made front coil springs that have been designed with a more aggressive spring rate compared to the stock front Fiero coil springs. This means that these springs are stiffer, providing a firmer and more responsive ride.

These springs are similar in performance to the 1.5 Inch drop springs offered by the same manufacturer, but they feature a different spring rate. This difference in spring rate can affect the vehicle’s handling characteristics, making these springs a unique offering in the product line.

One of the key features of this spring kit is its suitability for high-performance driving. The stiffer springs can help improve handling and responsiveness, making the vehicle more agile and responsive during high-speed maneuvers. This makes them a popular choice among Kit Car enthusiasts, who often seek out performance-enhancing modifications for their vehicles.

What sets the WCF 1″ Front — 3/4″ Inch Rear Drop Springs apart from other springs on the market is that they were built with a specified spring rate. This means that the stiffness of the springs has been precisely calculated and manufactured to meet specific performance criteria. This level of precision can contribute to improved handling and performance.

The specifications for these springs are as follows:

  • Front Springs: These have a spring rate of 286 pounds. This refers to the amount of weight needed to compress the spring by one inch. A higher number indicates a stiffer spring.
  • Rear Springs: These have a proportional spring rate ranging from 131 to 308 pounds. This means that the spring rate increases proportionally with the amount of compression, making the springs stiffer the more they are compressed.
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