Urethane Rear Control Arm Bushing


The West Coast Fiero Urethane Rear Control Arm Bushing is a meticulously designed product that prioritizes the efficiency of your vehicle’s suspension system. These bushings are crafted to have the optimal clearance, minimizing drag on the suspension components and ensuring smooth operation.

Our Urethane Rear Control Arm Bushing kits are not just about the bushings. They come with specially designed sleeves that feature a groove. This groove serves a crucial function – it allows the grease to circulate around the bushings, ensuring they remain well-lubricated and function at their best.

In addition, our Urethane Rear Control Arm Bushing kits come with grease fittings. These fittings enable you to periodically lubricate the urethane bushings with moly-grease and/or general-purpose grease. This is a significant advantage over our competitors’ products, which do not offer the option to grease the bushings after installation.

The installation process for each bushing is straightforward. It only requires one hole to be drilled, which can then be self-tapped by the grease fitting. This simple process allows you to re-grease your joints whenever you deem necessary, giving you full control over the maintenance of your vehicle’s suspension system.

The Urethane Rear Control Arm Bushing kit includes parts for all years and consists of:

  • Bushings that are machined for proper clearance, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Self-tapping Grease fittings, eliminating the need for you to tap the links.

The bushings are available in two colors – Red or Black. The availability of these colors may vary.

One of the standout features of our product is the ability to re-grease the bushings. This means you will NEVER HEAR YOUR BUSHINGS SQUEAK, providing a quiet and smooth ride every time. This re-greasing ability sets our product apart and ensures long-lasting performance.

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