Viking Coil Overs (Rear)



The West Coast Fiero Viking Coil Overs and Coil Over Kit. Viking WarriorTM double adjustable shocks allow a huge range of adjustment on compression and rebound. They can be set for comfortable cruising, track use, or anything in between.


Compression (“C” knob)                                               19 positions (18 clicks plus a zero position) of adjustment

Rebound (“R” knob)                                                       19 positions (18 clicks plus a zero position) of adjustment


Position zero is the softest setting and is found by turning the knob counterclockwise until the stop is located. Every click clockwise will increase dampening force to resist movement in compression (the collapsing direction), or rebound (extension direction). Only very light force is needed to adjust the knobs; do not ever force the knob past its intended stop, as doing so will damage the shock.


Recommended baseline points for adjusting your shocks are outlined below:


                             WarriorTM Double Adjustable                                                                               

Comfort Handling AutoX Drag      

<600 HP


600-900 HP


>900 HP

“C” knob 1-4 8-10 10-14 12-18 12-18 12-18
“R” knob 4-8 10-14 14-18 0-4 0-6 2-8
“C” knob 0-3 6-8 6-10 0-4 2-6 2-6
“R” knob 2-5 8-12 10-14 4-10 6-12 12-18


Note: Viking Crusader high force rebound rear shocks are strongly recommended for any vehicle with over 750 HP, especially small tire/drag radial vehicles. 


Additional tuning tips:


In general, for good handling and excellent ride quality, the rebound should be set roughly 2 to 6 clicks higher than the compression. For example, a good starting point for the street is 2 clicks on compression and 6 clicks on rebound on the front and 1 click on compression and 3 clicks on rebound on the rear.



The handling and autocross settings will vary depending on spring rate. For example, if very firm springs are utilized, the compression setting might need to be set softer and the rebound setting firmer than indicated. In addition, the track condition will also have an impact on the settings (i.e. a rough track may need rebound softened).

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