WCF Rear Coil Over and Front Springs Kit


The WCF ultra-high performance Rear Coil Over and Front Springs Kit was developed for us by a well known race car spring manufacturer for the enthusiast requiring the highest performance from their Fiero. This WCF spring kit was tested and developed on the race track by the West Coast Fiero project car track to establish correct spring rates and drivability under high performance conditions. This kit works extremely well for auto-crossing and even demanding road driving (no speeding allowed here). With this kit, the Fiero rides firm, but not uncomfortably hard.

The coil over kit is a requirement for kit cars with extended a-arms or wheel spacers where the suspension geometry has been significantly modified, adding more load to the springs.

  • Developed on the race track, these springs have 300 to 400 lb/in travel and are significantly stiffer than the 200 lb/in springs of the stock Fiero.
  • This spring kit will drop the ride height by 1.5 inches.
  • Spacers are available for the front if you desire less drop.
  • Rear ride height is fully adjustable with the adjustment collar for a drop range of 2.0 inches to zero inches.
  • The rear coil-over adjustment collars will fit stock type replacement shocks for the Fiero (i.e. KYB, Koni, etc.).
  • This is only spring kit in production that has been developed for the ultra high performance Fiero.
  • The spring perch sleeve has been designed to fit the stock type strut spring perch, thus, removal of the spring perch on the stock type shock is not necessary.
  • For people using 17″ wheels with 245, 255 tires, this kit allows removal of part of the stock spring perch for tire clearance.


Fiero Spring Rates


 4 Cyl.   6 Cyl.
FRONT 1984 – 1987 179.5 lb/in 208.1 lb/in
REAR 1984 – 1987 228.0 lb/in 250.8 lb/in
WCF performance
FRONT 1984 – 1988 300 and 400 lb/in 300 and 400 lb/in
REAR 1984 – 1988 300 to 400 lb/in
300 to 400 lb/in

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