1-1/2″ Inch Drop front Springs Pair


The West Coast Fiero 1-1/2″ Inch Drop front Springs Pair is a custom-made product designed specifically for enhancing the performance of the Fiero. These front coil springs are unique in their design, offering a more aggressive spring rate than the stock front Fiero coil springs. They are available in two variants – 300 lb. and 400 lb. spring rate.

During performance driving, these springs play a crucial role in enhancing the cornering ability and overall handling performance of the Fiero. The aggressive spring rate provides a stiffer suspension, which translates to less body roll and better handling during high-speed cornering.

One of the key features of these springs is that they lower the car by 1-1/2 inches. This lowering not only gives the Fiero a more aggressive stance but also has functional benefits. The increased spring rate that comes with the lowering helps prevent the bottoming of the Fiero on bumps, which is a common issue with lowered cars.

This kit is an excellent choice for re-body and Kit-Cars. Re-bodying involves replacing the body of the car with a custom-designed body. The aggressive spring rate and the lowering provided by these springs can complement the custom bodywork by enhancing the handling performance of the car.

The West Coast Fiero Spring Kit is designed to give you a known level of spring rate to enhance your Fiero’s performance. This means you can be confident in the performance improvement that this kit will bring to your Fiero. The springs are sold in pairs.

The spring rates for the 88 fronts and 88 rears are 214 lb/in and 142 lb/in respectively. This is in contrast to the stock Fiero spring rates, which are as follows:

  • For the 4 Cylinder model:
    • Front (1984 – 1987): 179.5 lb/in
    • Rear (1984 – 1987): 228.0 lb/in
  • For the 6 Cylinder model:
    • Front (1984 – 1987): 208.1 lb/in
    • Rear (1984 – 1987): 250.8 lb/in

These figures highlight the more aggressive spring rate of the West Coast Fiero Springs compared to the stock springs. This aggressive spring rate is what contributes to the enhanced performance of the Fiero when using these springs.


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