KYB Replacement Shocks (Pair)


The West Coast Fiero KYB Replacement Shocks (Pair) system is a specialized product designed to significantly enhance the performance and handling of your Fiero. This system offers a marked improvement over the stock shocks that come with the Fiero, and it even surpasses the performance of the Monroe shocks.

These KYB shocks are specifically engineered to fit the Fiero. They are not generic shocks, but ones that have been designed with the Fiero’s unique specifications in mind. This ensures a perfect fit and optimal performance.

One of the key features of these shocks is their compatibility with the West Coast Fiero (WCF) coil over kit. The shocks and the coil over kit work together seamlessly, each component enhancing the performance of the other.

The KYB shocks are an excellent choice when you are using WCF lowering or performance stock type springs or WCF coil over kits. These shocks are designed to handle the increased spring rate that comes with performance springs. This means that even with the stiffer springs, these shocks help maintain the proper handling characteristics of your Fiero.

We recommend using these shocks with spring rates up to 350 pounds. They are designed to handle this level of spring rate without any compromise in performance or handling.

For spring rates of 350 pounds and greater, we recommend using the Yellow Koni Shocks. These shocks are designed to handle higher spring rates, ensuring that your Fiero maintains optimal handling characteristics even under these conditions.

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