Urethane Front A-Arm Bushings


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Our urethane bushings are a significant upgrade over the standard stock rubber bushings. They offer a remarkable improvement in performance and longevity, making them a superior choice for any vehicle.

We have thoughtfully designed our Urethane Front A-Arm Bushings, unlike standard urethane bushings kits, for maintenance. We equip each of the bushing kits with specially designed sleeves.These sleeves feature a unique groove that allows the grease to circulate around the bushings, ensuring smooth operation and reducing wear and tear.

In addition, we provide grease fittings with our kits. These fittings facilitate the easy application of grease to the urethane bushings. This not only enhances the performance and lifespan of the bushings but also eliminates the annoying squeaking noises often associated with under-lubricated bushings.

For optimal results, we recommend lubricating the urethane bushings with moly-grease and/or general-purpose grease. This ensures that the bushings remain well-lubricated, reducing friction and enhancing their performance and durability.

Our bushings are available in two vibrant colors – Red and Black. The availability of these colors may vary.

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