T440, T460, T465, T465E & T465EHD Transmission Shifter Adapter


The West Coast Fiero T440, T460, T465, T465E & T465EHD Transmission Shifter Adapter is a specialized component designed to facilitate the installation of the original Fiero automatic transmission shifter cable to the transmission. This adapter has a unique feature: it reverses the shift pattern on the transmission. This is particularly useful as it provides necessary clearance for the exhaust manifold, preventing any potential interference or damage.

The shift lever on the 440-T4 / 4T60 and similar transmissions is oriented 180 degrees differently from the standard Fiero transmission. This difference in orientation could potentially lead to incorrect shifting patterns if not addressed. However, with the use of this adapter, the shifter will operate correctly and mimic the functionality of the original Fiero shifter.

One of the advantages of this adapter is its compatibility with the stock Fiero shift cable. This means that there is no need for a new cable when installing this adapter. It’s important to note that there are different shift cables available for different model years of the Fiero. Some of these cables are adjustable, while others are not. If you’re using an adjustable cable, it’s recommended to start with the adjustment set to about halfway.

Lastly, the shift bracket that comes with this adapter is undrilled for the reversing bar. This feature is designed to accommodate different shift cable lengths. By leaving the bracket undrilled, it allows for greater flexibility and customization based on the specific cable length used in your application. This ensures a more precise and tailored fit for your vehicle’s transmission system.

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