Spintech Muffler


The WCF Spintech Muffler is a high-performance upgrade designed to replace the original muffler in your vehicle. Despite being an aftermarket part, it maintains a stock appearance, ensuring that the overall look of your vehicle remains unchanged. This is particularly beneficial for those who prefer the original aesthetic of their vehicle but want to enhance its performance.

One of the key features of the WCF Spintech Muffler is its compatibility with your existing catalytic converter. This means that you can install it without having to make any modifications to your current exhaust system. However, for those seeking even larger power gains, there’s the option to add a free-flowing catalytic converter. A free-flowing cat reduces exhaust backpressure, allowing the engine to breathe easier and thereby increasing its power output.

The WCF Spintech Muffler is designed to accommodate up to 3.0″ piping. This is achieved by cutting back the 2.0″ tapered inlet pipe. The larger diameter piping allows for a greater volume of exhaust gases to be expelled from the engine, further enhancing its performance.

In terms of sound, the “Hi-Flow” Muffler produces a louder exhaust note than the stock muffler. It emits a nice, aggressive tone that is sure to turn heads. This makes it a great choice for those who want their vehicle to not only perform better but also sound more powerful. Please note that the increase in volume is subject to local noise regulations, so it’s important to ensure that the louder exhaust note is within acceptable limits in your area.


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