Rear Camber Adjusting Bolts


The West Coast Fiero Rear Camber Adjusting Bolts are a specialized automotive component designed to simplify the process of making adjustments to the rear camber of a vehicle. The rear camber refers to the angle at which the rear wheels of a vehicle are positioned in relation to the road surface. This angle can have a significant impact on the handling and performance of the vehicle.

These adjusting bolts are specifically engineered to make the task of altering this angle a straightforward process. By simply rotating the bolt, the user can modify the camber angle within a range of -2 degrees to +2 degrees. This range of adjustment allows for precise tuning of the vehicle’s handling characteristics to suit specific driving conditions or personal preferences.

One of the key features of these adjusting bolts is that they are designed to replace the upper strut clamping bolt. The strut is a crucial part of the vehicle’s suspension system, and the clamping bolt is what secures it in place. By replacing this bolt with the West Coast Fiero Rear Camber Adjusting Bolt, the user gains the ability to easily adjust the camber angle without needing to disassemble or modify other parts of the suspension system.

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