Larger Master Cylinder


The West Coast Fiero Larger Master Cylinder is a product that has been highly endorsed for its ability to reduce pedal travel in braking systems that utilize larger calipers. This is particularly beneficial as it enhances the responsiveness of the braking system, providing the driver with a more immediate and controlled braking action.

The larger master cylinder achieves this by having a greater fluid capacity, which allows it to exert more hydraulic pressure on the brake calipers. This increased pressure translates into a shorter pedal travel, meaning the brakes engage more quickly when the pedal is pressed.

However, it’s important to note that this larger master cylinder is not recommended for all types of brake systems. Specifically, if you’re using the stock Fiero calipers, or if you’ve upgraded to the Z-34 or Z-24 brake systems, it’s advised not to increase the size of the master cylinder.

The reason for this is that these particular calipers are designed to work optimally with the standard-sized master cylinder. Using a larger master cylinder in these cases could potentially disrupt the balance of the braking system, leading to less effective braking performance. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider the specific requirements of your braking system before deciding to upgrade to a larger master cylinder.

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