High Performance Intake Manifold


The West Coast Fiero High Performance Intake Manifold is a specialized component designed to enhance the performance of your vehicle’s engine. This product is specifically engineered to replace the top half of the Fiero intake manifold, a modification that can significantly boost the efficiency of your engine’s air intake system.

The key advantage of this intake manifold is its ability to increase the intake air flow by an impressive 64%. This enhancement is particularly beneficial for highly modified V6 and 3.4 engines, where the demand for efficient air intake is greater.

Installation of this high-performance intake manifold requires only slight modifications to the vehicle’s electrical system. This means that the installation process is relatively straightforward and does not require extensive mechanical knowledge or expertise.

The stock throttle cable and cruise cable from your vehicle are compatible with this installation, which simplifies the process further. There’s no need to purchase additional cables or components.

To ensure optimal performance, fuel enrichment will be required. This can be achieved via a computer chip or the West Coast Fiero piggy-back computer. These devices adjust the fuel-air mixture in your engine to match the increased air intake, ensuring that your engine runs smoothly and efficiently.

For tuning the fuel delivery, a Zero two (02) gauge is highly recommended. This tool allows you to monitor and adjust the fuel-air mixture in real-time, helping you to achieve the best possible performance from your engine.

One of the standout features of this product is its reversibility. If you ever need to revert back to the stock configuration, it’s as simple as replacing the old top half of your manifold. This flexibility allows you to experiment with different configurations without making permanent changes to your vehicle.

The unit is shipped in raw aluminum, which means it’s ready for paint or polishing upon arrival. This gives you the freedom to customize the appearance of the intake manifold to match your vehicle or personal preference.

The package includes a complete manifold and an extra injector and computer controller for the 7th injector. It’s important to note that this does not replace the factory ECU (Engine Control Unit), but rather works alongside it to enhance engine performance. This ensures that your vehicle’s original systems continue to function as intended while benefiting from the added performance of the West Coast Fiero High Performance Intake Manifold.

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