11″ GM Brake Kit


The West Coast Fiero 11″ GM Brake Kit is a significant upgrade for your 1984 – 1987 Fiero, especially if you’re looking to enhance its performance. This kit is not just an improvement, but a substantial leap in stopping power for your vehicle. It’s the best value you can find for a high-performance brake kit specifically designed for early Fieros.

This kit incorporates heavy-duty brake components from trusted manufacturers like GM and Chrysler Products. These components have been tested and proven to provide exceptional stopping power. Additionally, this kit ensures the proper operation of the rear parking brake, a critical safety feature.

The kit includes full 11″ vented rotors for both the front and rear. The front calipers are cast and equipped with a 2-1/2″ piston. The rear cast calipers feature a 2″ piston and an operational parking brake that directly connects to the Fiero’s existing parking brake cable. This design effectively doubles the clamping force of the caliper, significantly enhancing the braking power.

The vented rotors play a crucial role in this system. They are designed to dissipate the extra heat generated by this larger brake system, preventing overheating and ensuring consistent performance.

While this kit does increase the unsprung weight of your vehicle, the increase is minimal and is vastly outweighed by the dramatic increase in stopping power. This additional weight does not noticeably affect the handling of the car, ensuring that your driving experience remains comfortable and controlled.

Please note that this kit requires the replacement of the right rear brake line. The replacement line needs to be the same length as the front lines to ensure proper brake balance and performance.

Lastly, it’s important to note that this brake kit requires a minimum wheel diameter of 16″. This is to ensure that the larger brake components fit within the wheel without any issues. Please make sure your vehicle meets this requirement before installation.

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