Intake and Fuel Accessories

Intake and Fuel Accessories West Coast Fiero (WCF), a pioneer in the automotive industry, has meticulously engineered performance manifolds and intakes specifically designed for your 2.8 or 3.4 Fiero engine. This isn’t just any manifold; it’s a Fiero intake manifold that promises to revolutionize your driving experience. Imagine the roar of your engine as the

3800 Pulleys

3800 Pulleys West Coast Fiero has manufactured specialized pulleys designed to eliminate the necessity for air conditioning and power steering in your 3800 conversion. These pulleys are not just functional components, fit seamlessly into the pulley  system.  Air Conditioning (AC) Delete $150.00 The A/C delete bracket replaces the air conditioning pump enabling you to keep

LS4 Automatic with AC What it takes

Required Parts Polyurethane right front engine mount (weld in) 1Polyurethane left front engine mount (weld in) 1 Transmission Bracket and mount­ right side 1Transmission Bracket and mount left side Optional Parts LS4 Headers 1­3/4″ 1 Cat back exhaust 3″ 1 3800 High Volume fuel pump (51psi @41GPH) 1 Alternator Bracket and Idler pulley 1 Axles

3800 Series II with AC What it takes

Required Parts  Oil filter adapter Type B if needed 1 Polyurethane front engine mount ­ models 1 3800 front engine mount bracket 1 Polyurethane left transmission mount ­ manual and auto models 1 Polyurethane right transmission mount ­ manual and auto models 1 Transmission bracket ­ R/H side early T465E auto 1 Transmission bracket ­ R/H side

TDC What it takes

V6­204 Cid, 3.4L, Dual Twin Cam, Manual Transmission Required Parts A/C refrigerant line O-­Rings 4  Exhaust Gasket set 1  Transmission output seals 2  Clutch pressure plate 9 ­11/16″ Kevlar/Kevlar clutch disk 9­ 11/16″ Throw-out bearing 1 Optional Parts 1.5″ hose clamps­ Coolant/Heater system 8  2.25″ hose clamps­ Coolant/Engine system 4  Dogbone and Bracket 1  High
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