LS4 Automatic with AC What it takes

Table of Contents

Required Parts

Polyurethane right front engine mount (weld in) 1
Polyurethane left front engine mount (weld in) 1
Transmission Bracket and mount­ right side 1
Transmission Bracket and mount left side

Optional Parts

LS4 Headers 1­3/4″ 1

Cat back exhaust 3″ 1

3800 High Volume fuel pump (51psi @41GPH) 1

Alternator Bracket and Idler pulley 1

Axles 2

Cold Air Intake kit 1

Engine Compartment Insulation 1 set

Coolant Fill 1

Under Car Coolant Transfer Tube 2

Power steering hoses 1

Steel braided A/C hose, includes weld­on fittings 1 set

Fuel hose, includes fittings 1 set

Throttle assembly and bracket 1

Transmission Shifter Adapter 1

Water pump inlet hose 1

Wiring Loom­Engine/Transmission/Sensors/ECM 1


Remove Engine assembly from vehicle

Clean engine bay ­ removal of old insulation, corrosion control, and painting

Install engine bay insulation

Modify belt routing

Power steering install

Modify cradle and install engine assembly into cradle

Install engine assembly into car ­ includes electrical, mechanical, plumbing and transaxle connections.

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