3800 Series II with AC What it takes

Table of Contents

Required Parts

 Oil filter adapter Type B if needed 1

Polyurethane front engine mount ­ models 1

3800 front engine mount bracket 1

Polyurethane left transmission mount ­ manual and auto models 1

Polyurethane right transmission mount ­ manual and auto models 1

Transmission bracket ­ R/H side early T465E auto 1

Transmission bracket ­ R/H side late T465E HD auto 1

Transmission bracket ­ L/H side auto 1

Optional Parts

Headers 3.8 Series II 1­1/2″ 1

Cat­Back exhaust 2­1/2″ 1

Flywheel 3800 manual transmission 1

Clutch pressure plate with disc manual 1

3800 Dogbone with bracket 1

3800 High volume fuel pump (51psi @ 41 GPH) 1

Low mount alternator bracket and idler pulley (if needed) 1

Power steering delete bracket if needed 1

Axles (Note:​Depends on year and model of 3.8L engine) 2

Cold air intake kit 1

Engine compartment insulation 1 set 

Modified thermostat housing / coolant fill 1

Thermostat housing to under car coolant transfer tube 1

Steel braided A/C hose ­ includes weld­on fittings 1 set 

Fuel hose ­ includes fittings 1 set 

Throttle cable assembly bracket with cruise control 1

Transmission shifter adapter automatic model (if needed) 1

Water pump inlet hose 1

ECU programming


Remove engine assembly from vehicle

Clean engine bay ­ removal of old insulation, corrosion control and painting

Install engine insulation

Install engine assembly onto Fiero cradle

Install engine assembly into car ­ includes electrical, mechanical, plumbing and transaxle connections

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