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V6­204 Cid, 3.4L, Dual Twin Cam, Manual Transmission

Required Parts

A/C refrigerant line O-­Rings 4 

Exhaust Gasket set 1 

Transmission output seals 2 

Clutch pressure plate 9 ­11/16″

Kevlar/Kevlar clutch disk 9­ 11/16″

Throw-out bearing 1

Optional Parts

1.5″ hose clamps­ Coolant/Heater system 8 

2.25″ hose clamps­ Coolant/Engine system 4 

Dogbone and Bracket 1 

High volume fuel pump (51psi@41GPH) 1 

Aluminum subframe bushings (Pre­1988 models) 1 set 

Coil pack bracket 1 

Modified thermostat housing/ coolant fill (core REQUIRED) 1 

Steel braided A/C hose, includes weld­on fittings 1 set

Steel braided fuel hose, includes fittings 1 set 

Throttle cable assembly bracket with Cruise Control mount 1 Water pump inlet hose 1 

Wiring Loom ­Engine/Transmission/Sensors/ECM 1 

Wiring schematics (customized CAD diagrams) 1 

Modified Shifter Cable Mounting bracket (4­Speed) 1 

Modified Clutch Armature 1 

Modified Fuel Lines 1 set 

Disable Power Steering Pump and Plug 1 

Move Torque Armature to Transmission 1 

Air Intake Hose 1 

Exhaust System 1 

Gas Springs for Decklid 2


Remove and Replace engine assy. 

Engine Bay Preparation ­subframe, transaxle assy, corrosion control, and painting 

Remove R/H side Deck Hinge 

Cut Battery Box for ECM 

Remove old Torque Bracket on Strut Tower 

Engine Bay Insulation Installation 

Engine assembly installation onto Fiero Cradle 

Engine Installation into vehicle includes electrical, mechanical, 

plumbing, and transaxle connection. 

Charge and inspect A/C system

Service transmission ­ change fluid w/ new filter

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