West Coast Fiero

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LS-4 Engine


Power: 303HP, Torque: 323 Ft Lb

This LS4 Engine is 5328cc. (325 cu. in.), all Aluminum V8 with the high-performance heads. These are the same heads used on the LS6 engine. The bell housing mounting bolt pattern is the same as is used on all the GM front-wheel drive configurations.

    What it takes - LS4, Automatic with Air Conditioning  

3.4 Twin Dual Cam V-6

3.4 Dual Twin Cam V-6

Power: 210HP, Torque: 215 Ft Lb

The 3.4 Dual Twin Cam V-6 is a very high performance, high-rev 60 degree engine. This engine has weight-saving aluminum heads. This engine is a very logical replacement for the factory Fiero engine. It will bolt directly to the 4-speed and 5-speed transmissions.

    What it takes - 3.4 DTC    

V6-204 CID, 3.4L, Pushrod Engine

V6-204 Cid, 3.4L, pushrod engine

Power: 160HP,   Torque: 170 Ft Lb

The 3.4 Liter 60 degree pushrod engine is one of the most logical choices for replacing the old, worn out, 2.8 Fiero engine. This engine is available as a like-new, factory rebuild or factory crate engine. This is the same engine used in the Camaro and Firebird up to 1995. The heads and block are virtually the same as the 2.8, allowing all accessories to bolt directly to the engine. Relocation of the starter to the other side of the block is the only major modification required. This engine will bolt up directly to the Fiero transmission.

    What it takes - 3.4 manual    
    What it takes - 3.4 automatic    

3800 Series II 


3800 Series II non-supercharged and supercharged

Supercharged Motor

205HP & 240Ft Lb Torque - non-supercharged
240HP & 270Ft Lb Torque - supercharged

Replacement of the stock Fiero Engine with a 3800 Supercharged Engine is one of the highest levels of engine upgrade that you can perform to your Fiero. This is one of the easier engine conversions, as there are many pre-made components that allow the installation of this supercharged engine into the Fiero. This engine will bolt directly into your Fiero with the 3800 T465 or your manual transmission.

Using the Fiero 125 automatic is not recommended as the 125 is not capable of supporting the additional horsepower and torque of the 3800 engine.


What it takes - 3.8 auto / no AC

What it takes - 3.8 auto w / AC

What it takes - 3.8 manual / no AC

What it takes - 3.8 manual w / AC


4.6 Cadillac/Northstar

4.6 Cadillac conversion (Northstar)

300HP & 295Ft Lb Torque

This is one of the highest output conversions for your fiero. It is also one of the most difficult conversions to install. Modification of the engine compartment is necessary to facilitate this installation. Special fabrication of all mounts and brackets is required to accomplish the installation of this very large engine into the Fiero.

The performance increase achieved with this conversion is substantial over most other engine swaps. The increase of installation labor is also substantial.

It is highly recommended using the transmission that comes with the Cadillac. You can, however, bolt the Fiero stick transmission directly up to this engine.

Special clutch and flywheel are required.

    What it takes - 4.6L Northstar    

4.9 Cadillac

4.9 Cadillac conversion

205HP & 300 Ft Lb Torque at 4100rpm

This Engine is a high-performance upgrade. It is a significant upgrade over the stock Fiero Engine, probably one of the best upgrades to your Fiero.

This engine block is aluminum, with cast heads. This Engine will fit with some minor modifications. It will bolt directly up to your Fiero 4-speed and 5-speed transmissions.

This engine resembles the looks of a big block Chevy with a throttle-body type injection.

    What it takes - 4.9L Cadillac
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