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Since 1986 West Coast Fiero has been dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of the Pontiac Fiero.  To that end we have built Fieros into show and performance cars. We also take the best looking and performing upgrades that we develop and offer them to all of our Fiero friends and enthusiasts.

With our fabrication Staff and Engineers, we maintain a close association with the racing
and performance community, developing products for the racing community. Since the
demise of the Fiero in 1988, specialized performance parts have ceased. We have
stepped into this void to continue support for this classic Automobile.

The performance components on our pages are engineered and manufactured at our facility
in Tehachapi, CA.

All of the hardware offered on our pages has been installed and is performing well in our
own cars.

If you have any custom hardware requirements or suggestions for new products for the
Fiero, please contact West Coast Fiero.

West Coast Fiero
20826 South Street
Tehachapi, CA 93561
Phone: 661-822-8111


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