West Coast Fiero

WCF Harmonic Balancer for 60 Degree V6 2.8, 3.1, and 3.4



This new harmonic balancer from the 3.4 engine replaces the 2.8 harmonic balancer on the Fiero engine. The 2.8 harmonic balancer is no longer available anywhere else. This balancer is exactly the same as the 2.8 except that the timing marks are not in the correct position. We inscribe a new timing mark on the balancer in the correct location and inscribe a TDC marking to avoid confusion with the other marks. Attempting to copy the timing mark from the old balancer is not recommended. The old balancer outer ring becomes detached from the inner ring due to age, causing the timing mark to shift. This makes the proper spark timing of the engine incorrect. This happens more frequently as engines get older

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