West Coast Fiero

NEW Ultimate Sway Bar



Our WCF sway bar has  greater torque carrying capability than the factory Fiero sway bar. This sway bar works well with the  the in-line ball end links. The in-line ball joint ends can replace stock rubber or standard urethane connecting links. This will significantly increase connection between suspension and the frame of the Fiero. This system is very similar to what is used on race cars. The chart below is for the front of the Fiero. We will be adding a chart for the Rear swaybar.

Stock 88  1.1 in =257 lb @ 5 Degrees

Stock 84-87 .886 in = 147 lb @ 5 degrees

Solid       1.000 in =220lb @ 5 degrees

Solid       1.250 in = 550lb @ 5 degrees

Tube       1.250 in .250 wall= 481lb @5 degrees

Tube       1.250 in .188 wall=420lb @ 5 degrees

Tube       1.250in  .120 wall=317lb @ 5 degrees

Tube       1.250in  .095 wall=291lb @ 5 degrees

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