West Coast Fiero

High-Performance 9-11/16" Pressure Plate 360131M



More Holding Power for High Output Engines

This 9-11/16" diameter pressure plate is the largest diameter we could make fit on a Fiero flywheel. The increased size of this pressure plate makes it ideal for high output engine conversions. This pressure plate is sold separately and will fit all the Fiero transmissions.

Torque Tester 

The stock pressure plate on the Fiero is 9-1/8" diameter with a surface area of 35.93 square inches with a clamp pressure of 1100 to 1300 lbs. This clamping pressure is found in most stock manufactured clutches. Our West Coast Fiero pressure plate has a diameter of 9-11/16 inches, with a surface area of 44.23 square inches and a clamp force of 1750 lbs. This pressure plate is about the largest diameter that will fit into a Fiero bell housing and still bolt to the flywheel. The increase in surface area and clamping pressure will add a significant amount of horsepower and torque carrying capability. When installing engine conversions or building high output 60 degree engines, such as turbo-charging, this is the pressure plate of choice.

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