West Coast Fiero

10-1/4" Brakes 1984 - 1987 (Camaro Kit)



The best value in a high-performance brake kit for early Fieros. This kit utilizes proven GM heavy-duty brake components to provide phenomenal stopping power and a properly operating rear parking brake.

Don't settle for other kits with 9.75" rotors and unreliable line-lock parking brakes. This kit integrates 10.25" vented rotors and a GM built rear parking brake which is engaged from your existing parking brake lever. Enjoy the braking system the Fiero should have had all along.

One big advantage of this system is an increase to 2-1/2" piston diameter from the stock Fiero 2" piston, effectively doubling the clamping force of the caliper. The vented rotor is required to dissipate the extra heat generated by this larger brake system.

The increase in unsprung weight is minimal in comparison to the dramatic increase in stopping power. This is not a noticeable factor in the handling of the car.

Minimum wheel diameter of 15"


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