West Coast Fiero

F23 trans Brackets with mounts right and left for engines with starter on the engine



These mounts are designed to work with the F23 Metric bell housing. They work with the 84-87 and 88 sub frame. The stock fiero axles are used.

The F23 transmission will not mount to the Fiero subframe with out custom brackets and mounts. WCF provides mounts and brackets to install the F23 getrag into all years of the Fiero. Their is a right bracket that uses our trans mount and a left bracket that uses our left trans  mount. If you have our urethane mounts all you need are the brackets you can purchase separately.

This transmission is the best replacement for the Fiero. The transmission is stronger and is able to use the stock stick shift axle's.

The transmission is rated at 170 ft of torque. 

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