West Coast Fiero

Coolant Tube Repair Kit



Crushing your coolant tubes with lifts or jacks and road debris, will severely restrict the flow of coolant from your radiator to your engine. These tubes should be periodically inspected to insure the proper flow of coolant. Two critical areas appear to behind the front tire, under the front fender lines, and where the tube exits the body, just in front of the rear wheel. Loosening the pipe clams and pulling the pipe down is necessary for complete inspection, as the damage may be hidden at the top of the pipe. This 304 Stainless Steel tube with hose and clamp connections to replace / repair the damaged section of your coolant tube, where the coolant exits the rear of the frame. The repair kit consists of a 3 foot section of tube, bent to match the stock Fiero. Coolant tubes are specific to year of Fiero.

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