West Coast Fiero

Alternator Bracket and Idler Pulley (1996 - 1999 ENGINES) Rivira Park Avenue Bonneville Lesabre Regency OLDS LSS



1997-2000 Bonneville

The Bonneville WCF alternator bracket moves the alternator to a position just above the water pump out of the way of the deck lid. This bracket turns the alternator around and places the alternator in the same place where the battery is, so the battery has to be moved. The best place to move the battery is to the front of the car. This will also help in the weight distribution. The reason we didn't put the alternator down low in the same place where the Fiero alternator is located, the alternator can't be service without lowering the cradle. This pulley bracket is mounted in place of the 3800 alternator, keeping the belt configuration as close to original as possible. This will keep the belt tension correct.

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