West Coast Fiero

13" Brakes (1988) (Viper)



Vented 13" rotors will add that stylish look with your minimum 17" rims. This brake upgrade will increase your stopping power by 30% better than the stock 1988 brake system, while still using the Stock 1988 front and rear calipers and hubs. With these larger rotors, brake fade is minimized for peace of mind and confidence in high-speed stopping.The two rings shown at the top are hub-centric rings used to align the rotors to the Fiero hub.

Two piece rotor upgrade available at an additional charge for the above brake package.

This two piece package consists of rotor and hat. The rotors come slotted. 

These rotor and hat weigh in at 10.7 lbs per unit as compared to 27 lbs for the one piece rotor. This greatly reduces your unsprung weight.


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