West Coast Fiero

11" Brakes (1984 - 1987)



The next step in stopping power for your high-performance 1984 - 1987 Fiero! This is the best value in a high-performance brake kit for early Fieros. This kit utilizes proven GM and Chrysler Products heavy duty brake components to provide phenomenal stopping power and a properly operating rear parking brake. This kit has full 11" vented rotors, front and rear, with 2-1/2" piston, cast front calipers. The rear cast calipers have a 2" piston with an operational parking brake which directly connects to the Fiero parking brake cable. This system effectively doubles the clamping force of the caliper. The vented rotor is required to dissipate the extra heat generated by this larger brake system. The increase in unsprung weight is minimal in comparison to the dramatic increase in stopping power. This is not a noticeable factor in the handling of the car. This kit requires the replacement of the right rear brake line. The replacement line needs to same length as the front lines. When ordering stainless steel lines, you need to order 3 front lines and 1 rear line.

Minimum wheel diameter of 16"
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Front Brake Assy. installed.

This brake assembly is designed with 10-1/4" calipers to be able to be used with the stock Fiero and after-market 15 inch wheels. The braking power is superb, as it is the same type of braking system as is used on the Camaro, which weighs 1000 lbs. more than the Fiero. Vented rotors help prevent heat buildup and brake fade. All the replaceable components are available from your local automotive supply. The components supplies by WCF are USA made or reconditioned. Our street and track testing has demonstrated no brake fade and superb stopping power.

Rear Brake Assy. installed.

Shown at left is the mounted rear brake assembly, as you would find it on the Camaro. Here you will also find a 10-1/4" vented Rotor with factory Camaro calipers that have been reconditioned. These calipers are equipped with the emergency brake mounting hardware. Now you can enjoy an emergency brake on your Fiero that really works. All mounting hardware, not pictured, is included in the installation kit. Although the standard brake lines will work, we recommend the replacement of the brake lines with stainless steel braided lines.


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