West Coast Fiero

10-1/4" Brakes 1984 - 1987 (Z-34)



Although not as aggressive as our 10-1/4" Camaro kit, this vented rotor kit adds considerably more cooling and stopping power than our 9-3/4" brake kit below. Our Z-34 calipers have 2-1/8" piston, which is larger than the stock Fiero piston. This brake upgrade works with all the stock Fiero wheels. Increasing the size of the master cylinder is NOT recommended for this application.

  • We need the Brake bracket and calipers as we are running out of brake brackets, calipers for core charge to our vender. We will refund the core charge after we receive the hardware.

Minimum wheel diameter of 14"

Re-machined front Fiero Hubs

These hubs are required to mount the new Z-34 10-1/4" vented front rotors to the Fiero front spindle. The rotors are now separate from the hub assembly and be easily replaced without again removing the front hubs. This upgrade will increase the track width of the front of your Fiero by 3/8" total.

Heavy Duty Z-34 Calipers

These 2-1/8" piston calipers are similar to those used on the Z-34. Stock brake lines will work with this upgrade, however, steel braided brake lines are recommended for a better brake pedal feel.

* We offer performance brake pads for these calipers.

Caliper Mounting Adapters

These custom modified Fiero front adapters couple the new calipers to the existing Fiero suspension. Stock Fiero hardware is used for mounting these adapters. With our Fiero adapters, no grinding or modification to the caliper is necessary, easily facilitating any future replacements.


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