West Coast Fiero
Q.Which Engine should I install in my Fiero for an upgrade?  

The 3.4 Camaro rocker-arm motor is an excellent choice for a 'stock looking' Engine, using the Fiero intake manifolds and accessories. This Engine has approximately 160 hp in stock configuration.

The only major modification is the relocation of the Starter to the opposite side on the Engine. This can be accomplished at your local machine shop with relative ease.

 Q.What is the best performance upgrade when you desire to install a 3.8 engine?  

We consider the Series II Supercharged the best horsepower gain for the money. This installation will yield you approximately 240 hp when completed. This Engine is basically a bolt-in to the Fiero's manual 4 or 5 speed, or using the donor's automatic transmission.

Please refer to CLICK ME for additional details.

 Q.Are there Kits available for Engine Swaps?  

GM is noted for changing their Engine configuration and wiring almost every year and every different model car, making it extremely difficult to come up with a kit addressing all of the different configurations. With a few exceptions, the West Coast Fiero front Engine Mounts are interchangeable within different years.

West Coast Fiero also has Transmission Mounts for the automatic T460 transmission. This Engine can be bolted directly to your 4 or 5 speed, utilizing a modified Fiero flywheel or a modified Camaro flywheel.

General Upgrades
 Q.Can I paint my '85 Fiero GT 'Candy-Apple' Red?  
 A.Yes, but you better sell a block of Google stock first to cover expenses.  
 Q.What is the largest wheel and tire that I can put on my Fiero?  

We have experienced the maximum wheel and tire on the front of a Fiero as 17 x 8 with a 45mm offset. This car has 235x40x17 tires. This wheel just touches the lower A-arm in maximum turning and the tire just misses the top of inner fender well at maximum up-wheel travel. This combination keeps the tire inside the front wheel well.

On the rear, we have experienced 17 x 9 with a 45mm offset. This car has 255x40x17 tires. This diameter of the wheel is needed to clear the upright on the rear suspension. 16" wheels will not clear at 9" in width. This combination will keep the tire inside the rear wheel well.

Suspension performance
 Q.My Suspension is bottoming out, how do I raise my bump stops?  

How to raise your front bump stop CLICK ME

How to raise your rear bump stop CLICK ME

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