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Water fill thermostat housing 3800 Series II and III

Front Engine Mount Bracket, Fiero 3800 Front Engine Mount Bracket, Fiero 3.8 Liter Front Engine Mount Bracket
  The WCF modified Water Fill Tube allows you to use your original Thermostat off your engine and replaces your old fill tube.  This places your water fill tube at a convenient level to add water much the same as your old engine.


    (p/n ECCAWTH3800U) - Rebuild customer thermostat housing - labor. $75.00
    (p/n ECCAWTH3800N) - New water fill tube $189.00

Water fill to coolant tube transfer pipe Series II and III
Front Engine Mount Bracket, Fiero 3800 Front Engine Mount Bracket, Fiero 3.8 Liter Front Engine Mount Bracket
  This transfer pipe connects the water fill tube (above) to the Fiero coolant pipe.  This stainless steel pipe enhances the engine compartment instead of using a long rubber hose. 


    Transfer pipe  $85.00

Water pump inlet hose 3800 Series I, II or III.

The water pump inlet hose connects your 3800 Series I, II, or III to the water inlet pipe from the radiator.



(p/n CA913) - Water fill inlet hose 


EGR blockoff plates 3800 Series II and III
  These plates eliminate the use of the EGR valve.
These covers are made of stainless steel.
This modification of for off-road use only.

These will work on WCF header system as well as the stock header system. 


    pair, EGR block-off  $59.00

Oil Filter Adapter 3800 Series I, II and III

Front Engine Mount Bracket, Fiero 3800 Front Engine Mount Bracket, Fiero 3.8 Liter Front Engine Mount Bracket

  The WCF Oil Filter Adapter conveniently tilts the Oil Filter out and down, placing it next to the crankshaft pulley.

Most of the 3800's come with the oil filter underneath the front Crank pulley, where the engine mount is located on the Fiero, causing the filter to be blocking engine mount installation.  This adapter solves these issues.

This adapter can be used when installing the 3800 into the Fiero.  With this adapter, the short oil filter must be used to clear the subframe.

This adapter is usable in both automatic and stick shift applications.



(p/n ECCAOFA-B) - Oil filter Adapter Type B 



T465E & T465EHD Transmission Shifter Adapter.

Shift Adaptor Installed view
  The WCF T465E Shifter Adapter enables you to install the stock Fiero automatic transmission shifter cable to the T460E transmission, reversing the shift pattern on the transmission and providing cable clearance for the Exhaust manifold. 

The shift lever on the T465E is 180 degrees out from the standard Fiero transmission.  With this adapter, the shifter will function correctly, like the stock Fiero shifter.

The stock Fiero shift cable may be used in this application.



Please specify T465E transmission when ordering. 

    Please specify T465EHD transmission when ordering. $120.00

Throttle bracket for Series II supercharged.

  The WCF 3800 Throttle Bracket enables you to install the Fiero throttle cable to your 3800 engine as well as providing a location for the installing of the cruise control cable from the stock Fiero cruise control.

The bracket may be ordered without the Cruise Control cable mount.



(p/n ECCATB3800II) - Throttle bracket Series II  


WCF 3800 high flow Fuel Pump

  The WCF 3800 high flow Fuel Pump is a necessary addition when converting your Fiero to a high output 3800 engine.

The stock Fiero fuel pump produces 50 PSI pressure and delivers 16 gallons of fuel per hour.

This 50% increase in delivery capacity will prevent your engine from starving during high fuel demand situations.


  51 PSI, 24 gph pump.   $177.00
  51 PSI, 50 gph pump.   $198.00

WCF Nylon fuel fittings and line

  We are now supplying Nylon factory style Fuel lines and quick-disconnect fittings for your GM engine conversions.  Steel tubular fuel filter connections, fuel rail connections, and fuel line are in the kit.


These fuel lines will fit the stock GM quick-disconnect fuel fittings, if you have them on your engine.

We can supply the quick-disconnect fittings to your fuel rail if you do not have them on your fuel rail.

This system is way safer than hose clamps on rubber hoses for your fuel system.  It is a must to keep the nylon fuel tubing away from any exhaust components or other high heat sources.


  Fuel lines with quick-disconnect fittings $75.00
  Fuel lines without quick-disconnect fittings $55.00

Passkey II replacement Module for your 3800 converions.


  Replace your factory Passkey II module.

When upgrading your stock Fiero engine using the 3800 computer, this module is the one-step answer to replacing your factory Passkey II module. This is the only module you will need to allow your engine to start and make your Fiero Speedo work properly. (The speedometer output  from the 3800 computer is not compatible with the input to the Fiero speedometer.)  This module resolves this problem.

On 4 or 5 speed Stick models, the Speedo portion of this module is not used.



Passkey module 


Engine Crankcase Breather 3800 Series I, II and III

Crankcase Breather

installed view
  The WCF custom chrome Engine Crankcase Breather will give positive ventilation to your Crank as well as provide good looks to your engine compartment.

This breather is a direct replacement of your Fiero Oil Filter cap.

This breather is necessary for relieving Crankcase pressure on supercharged Series II or turbocharged 3800's.



Engine Crankcase breather 


4.9 Oil cooler bypass

installed view
  Pictured at left is the oil filter adapter with the the oil cooler lines plugged for bypassing the 4.9 engine oil cooler lines.

The engine oil cooler is not required when installing into the Fiero as the engine is not working as hard as it would in the Cadillac, and the oil temperature is not as high.  This kit makes for a much cleaner engine install and still retains proper oil flow.  Instructions on installed view.



Oil cooler bypass 


Vacuum line extension

  This stainless steel tube is designed to move the rubber vacuum lines for the brake booster off of the exhaust manifolds for the various engine conversions.

The stock location for the vacuum line is in the wrong location for engine conversions and can burn on the exhaust manifolds.  This extension rectifies the problem by putting the rubber connection well above the exhaust manifolds



Vacuum line extension 



4T65E & 4T65EHD Transmission cooler lines

Chris will take a picture of underneath of car of coolant lines of transmission


  The transmission cooler lines are supplied with adapters from the transmission to -8AN fittings.  Also supplied in this kit is 3/8" hose and -8 fittings for the supply and return from the WCF transmission oil cooler to the transmission.

If you want to use the stock steel transmission oil cooler lines, we have an adapter kit from the transmission to the stock steel transmission lines.


  WCF transmission cooler, lines and fittings (kit) $175.00
  Transmission lines and fittings to stock Fiero radiator cooler $75.00

West Coast Fiero Transmission Oil Cooler.
  This Oil Cooler is a MUST when doing a 3800 Engine conversion, as the stock oil lines and oil cooler are not large enough to meet the requirements of the larger 3800 transmission.

Constructed in radiator style with 3/8" oil line in and out for maximum fluid flow.

This unit is far superior to the factory radiator cooling system, which by design is already at 200 degrees, thus providing minimum cooling affect of the transmission oil.  Transmission oil should not exceed 250 degrees.  Our cooler  keeps the oil temperature under 200 degrees. 

The cooler the oil, the longer the life of the transmission.



Transmission oil cooler 




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